Hello and Welcome to my World

Recent events and an eye on the future have persuaded me – not that I needed much persuading tbh – to start a proper blog and keep it up!

Those of you that know me are already aware that I recently became an ex-secondary school teacher after eleven years at the electronic-whiteboard face.  This followed many months of becoming increasingly fed up with the profession as a whole, and my position in particular.  I’d been researching various courses with an eye to taking some time out and focusing on my own education for a change, and then I found Futurelearn on the internet, completed a course, and made up my mind.  As a result, my world has changed.  I intend to document that change, some of the events leading up to it, and all the other things that interest me here.

Again, some of you that know me may also be aware that I recently bought a boat.  I’ve asked for suggestions for a name (it’s a fully-enclosed lifeboat, which is why it doesn’t have one), and the current favourite of mine so far is ‘Leap of Faith’ which perhaps explains better than anything else what this blog will be about.

Avast behind!



2 thoughts on “Hello and Welcome to my World

  1. Flisstee

    Brilliant name for the boat I reckon and I look forward to future posts. I’m Great at starting blogs and then running out of steam….. Hope you don’t.



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