My brian hurts….

So,  all weekend a discussion has been taking place about the heating that could be installed on the boat.

The thing is, it’s not a wooden boat.  It’s two layers of fibreglass, filled with a layer of insulating foam.  Now, if you’re considering fitting a wood-burning stove, which I am, you have to bear in mind that the flue is quite short.  This means it’ll get hot.

What temperature will melt the fibreglass and foam insulation?  Of course, it’s possible to buy a flue that is lined and insulated to reduce the temperature,  but what ARE the externally recorded temperatures of such a flue?  Who knows?  It’s really important, not just because of the fire risk,  but because of the risk of potentially lethal poisonous fumes.

Well, a local company makes lined flues so it may be possible to obtain more precise temperatures.

This is the latest thinking: “Twin wall all the way, 1.5″ clearance either side of the flue, a steel collar through the roof standing up about 3″ rockwool packed into the gap between the collar and flue, a coolie skirt to deflect rain and overlap the collar without contact 600mm stack with raincap, that’s my gut instinct. Same as I’ve always thought just substitute twin for single wall. Just make everything bigger!”.

I just want one of these: Chilli Penguin Stove


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