Day 1

Project floating student hall got off to a good start – we made it here in record time, presumably because everyone else seemed to be heading in the opposite direction to enjoy what is forecast to be a lovely weekend.


It’s under there…

I’m posting this on Sunday morning as I was just too tired to do it last night.  As far as breakfast goes, it’ll be toast with no marmalade or jam because I forgot to bring some, or muesli which will involve getting dressed and going out onto the quay as the cereal is in a box under a tarpaulin.  Still, we did sleep on a very comfortable Ikea sofa bed last night, under a toasty Ikea feather duvet, our heads resting on Ikea pillows, and with a small dog between us.  The small dog resulted in a constant fight for enough duvet to cover our (substantial) bottoms, as she took on a dead weight and body mass similar to that of a car battery, but once she’d been allowed IN the bed, things improved. Especially for her.

Anyway, as well as building a bed we did manage to move stuff around from A to B and back again and get a bit cross.  Today will be much better, I’m sure.




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