jiSunday.  Another lovely day – thank goodness for the weather!

Today, we cleared some rubbish from the boat.  There’s going to be a trailer load by the end of the week.  we talked about stuff, went to Wickes, bought more stuff, talked some more.  The major achievement of the day, though, was getting the three empty oxygen cylinders off the boat.  They weigh 77kg each, so this was no easy task.

We tried, we really did.  We wanted to get them off and up onto the quay in a proper manner.  We waited for high tide.  We tried and tried again to stand one up by the side opening and lever it out, but it was just too awkward and too heavy, so the Captain (that’s me, btw), made a decision.  And they’re here.


Bloody things…

We heaved them out over the other side. We will move them, which will be a filthy job, but for now they’re out of the way and the real work can start.

We had some more visitors yesterday!WP_20140914_006

I fed them with some bread, Millie barked, they hissed, and Chris had to stay on board instead of getting out in his waders to measure up for stabilising legs to be fitted.  When it was clear to get in the water, his discovered his waders leaked so that job will have to wait.

We finished the day with a walk to the local riverside park, which was just beautiful.  It even has a narrow-gauge railway which is in regular use by a local enthusiast’s club for those of you that are interested in such things.




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