Bee 5hive over the last couple of days…..

Today (Wednesday) has been quite a busy one.  It started with Dave The Steel arriving at the ungodly hour of 8.30am (remember, I’m a student now) to finish what will now be known as ‘the deck’.  I’ll put the photos at the end of this post.

The day started off dry and bright, then it rained, then I went on an initially fruitless search for a coal merchants and a Jewson.  Then I found a Wickes.  Then Dave The Steel phoned to say he’d dropped his extension cable in the water and had tripped the mains, but it was all sorted now, he just had to go and get a new cable.  And then I found the coal merchants and bought everything I need for my fire.

And then the sun came out and it was warm and lovely.

While Dave The Steel finished his work, I had a bit of a tidy inside.  You probably won’t notice anything from the photos, but it does look a little better.  I still need to go out and buy a rug, but I’m not doing much else until I’ve painted the inside and had a good long think about what I need to do, but i’ve got some ideas.

The best thing about today is the completion of the deck though.  Have a look and see what you think.

WP_20140924_001 WP_20140924_002 WP_20140924_003 WP_20140924_004 WP_20140924_005 WP_20140924_006


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