Fluffy Bits.

I ventured to Ikea again this morning, and this time I managed to find my way back through Southampton’s incredibly confusing traffic system without a massive detour.  I bought a rug and some other stuff, some of which I installed and you can see in the pictured below, and I tried out the world’s cutest bread maker from Lakeland, which produced the cutest little loaf.

Now I know it’s not a big deal, but every time I successfully undertake a bit of DIY I feel a real sense of satisfaction.  I really believe that there’s not much that can’t be achieved with the right tools and a bit of gumption.

Tonight, I’m off out for a Web Science social evening at the Wild Lime just up the road, and I’m really looking forward to it.  The work starts officially on Monday.

SARAHS - WIN_20140925_171229 SARAHS - WIN_20140925_171234 SARAHS - WIN_20140925_171244 SARAHS - WIN_20140925_171253 SARAHS - WIN_20140925_171301 SARAHS - WIN_20140925_180602


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