Three Days In Already…

I’m halfway through my first week at Uni, so now might be a good time to record some first impressions.

I cannot believe the background of some of my fellow students. It’s incredible what some have them have done, and the places they have been. They are all ‘intellectuals’ in the true sense of the word, and I feel incredibly proud to be one of them, whilst at the same time questioning whether I’m worthy of being there at all. It’s a totally different atmosphere – there’s a real feeling that we are all on the edge of something new and exciting, and that we can all make a real and valuable contribution to an understanding of how/why people use various aspects of the web. I’m still not entirely clear what areas of study everyone’s going to be undertaking, but I’ve already heard people talking about cyber security, disaster management, international relations, and how people access health information online. It’s jaw-dropping, it really is.

It’s a mixed group of people too – there are people from foreign countries, young people fresh from their first degrees (and people with more than one degree already), and one or two more mature students like me. I think I’m the oldest though. It made me realise that what I’ve achieved already means absolutely nothing because we’re all highly educated, and extremely valuable because my knowledge and skills are so very different from those of just about everyone else.

The first fee lectures have been on statistical analysis (thank goodness I did the relevant course on Futurelearn, otherwise I’d have been lost here), interdisciplinary thinking, and ‘the web’ (history and structure). Bloom’s Taxonomy has been referred to (this is a suggested classification system for the learning objectives teachers set for students), and makes so much more sense in a University environment.

On a personal note, I’m finding it very difficult to find any sense of routine. There are still some niggling things that need sorting out, and I’m finding it physically challenging to walk to and from, and around campus. I’m feeling my age. I still feel unsettled. Strangest of all, I often feel as if the floor is sloping when it isn’t, that I’m moving when I’m not, and I find myself losing my balance just walking about. Could this be something to do with living on a boat, I wonder?


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