Living on Bee fHive….

I’m still not really used to this.  I have a mental checklist that I need to transfer to a visual list as soon as I can:

  1. Turn off water heater.
  2. Have I got my gate key?
  3. Have I got my phone and purse?
  4. Check Millie’s water bowl.
  5. Check the ropes & fenders.
  6. When did I last top up the water tank?
  7. What shopping do I need?

Shopping is pretty much a daily event. I have nowhere to store anything very much, so I’m having to plan my meals in advance.  Luckily I’ve got my Riverford delivery organised (the driver phoned me this morning to let me know he was outside – caught me completely by surprise and I had to greet him in my pyjamas plus fleece!) so that’s most of my meals sorted.  Of course, gin doesn’t take up much space so that’s ok.

Every time I shower, I have to swab the room.  If the tide is out, that’s quite a lot of mopping as B5 slopes away from the drain.  At high tide, it’s easier as the floor is level.  Then there’s the listening closely to make sure the bilge pump is working and the water is being pumped out.

Bitty dish water has to be poured into a bucket and chucked out manually as it blocks the sink.

Letting the water tank empty too far means that air gets in the system, which isn’t as big a problem as running out when halfway through a shower would be, so I make sure I fill this up every other day (and it’s 107 litres, which gives you some idea how much the average person uses without including washing clothes or bathing, just showering).

After that, I’m still on full alert for unusual noises including creaks and drips.

Anyway, here’s some pictures taken today at the top of a rather high tide!

WP_20141008_003 WP_20141008_005 WP_20141008_008 WP_20141008_009



One thought on “Living on Bee fHive….

  1. Nicky

    You are fantastic Sarah! You’ve taken on a whole new life – it’s so exciting. Keep the blogs coming , especially on the academia – I’m living it vicariously!



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