My breadmaker made cake!

My breadmaker made cake!i

My I promised I’d do another blog, so as I have a moment, here we go.

The weather here has been absolutely awful. Not stormy or anything, but just rain and wind. And more rain. And more and more rain. I’ve had to buy a better pair of waterproof trousers, and a waterproof rucksack. Thank goodness my (expensive) walking shoes are completely waterproof, and I brought them with me.

There are some leaks on Bee, especially around one of the rear doors where the rubber doesn’t meet the frame, but as everything inside is moulded fibreglass and not carpet/plasterboard/wood I can just mop the puddles up and it’s fine.

My waterless toilet is fully installed and obviously I’m using it. All seems to be well. I’ll say no more than that as I can hear several ‘eeewwwws’ already. The next thing is to make a platform for a bed across the pointy end. Ikea sell a double, sprung & slatted base as a separate item, as well as a memory foam mattress that is packed rolled up. Hooray for this as it means I can get it all on board! I’m going to have to get someone else to do this for me though, because I am up to me ears in coursework essays and deadlines, the first of which is o. The 28th November. Two pieces are group work, and one of those is building a web page and application which I can’t do because it involves coding in JavaScript, but luckily because this module includes computer science students, the rest of my group can. I’ll just supply biscuits and moral support, and maybe write a bit of HTML.

One of the other models is quantitative data analysis, or statistics. Now I was rubbish at Maths at school, although I did love algebra. I left with a CSE grade 1 (for those of you old enough to remember such things). I was also entered for the O-level exam, and got upgraded. And yet I still enjoy number problems! One of the best book I read last year was The Joy Of Numbers by Alex Bellows. I don’t understand the concepts behind numbers and mathematical problems, but I do enjoy working through a problem ‘by hand’ and coming up with the right answer. The statistical analysis I’m doing now – and will do in the future – is all done with software, but nevertheless we are still being walked through the calculations the long way so that we can interpret the results. I’m incredibly slow at this, and have to keep going back through the slides, but nevertheless when I get the right answer and explanation, it’s still exciting.

Finally, this last week I’ve been suffering from IBS, which I haven’t experienced for over twenty years but is a classic symptom of stress. I don’t feel stressed, but then that’s normal. My body lets me know that things aren’t right because my brain is too busy solving problems. I just wish it could have done something normal like catch a cold.

To end, I want to send huge congratulations to two friends. One is engaged to be married for the very first time at the ripe old age of ** (you know who you are!), and the other has become an aunt to beautiful baby that I think it’s fair to say at one point no-one thought would actually make it.

And of course some incredibly clever members of humanity put a little probe on a comet. I think we should just hand all the keys over to them and let them run the world from now on.


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