The Next Coursework Essay.

On Saturday, slightly later than planned, I started the next essay – a 2,500-word piece applying theoretical perspectives of science and technology to the development of the web architecture.  I’d already made some notes, and know what I wanted to use as a case study to illustrate the theories.  What I hadn’t anticipated was how little I really understood the concept underpinning the theories.  I’ve spent probably twenty-five of the last forty-eight hours reading them, re-reading them, opening the relevant wiki pages for (with luck) simpler explanations, and reading them all again.  It’s the hardest work I’ve ever done, and I’m still not sure I’ve totally got it, nor am I convinced I’ve answered the question in the right way.

Please feel free to read it and make any comments you like.  The footnotes are a work-in-progress, so please ignore them.  It’s a first draft, so I haven’t checked it for grammar/spelling (I need to put some distance bettween it and me first!) but again any corrections are welcome as I’m crap at spotting my own errors.

Thank you!

Coursework draft 1


One thought on “The Next Coursework Essay.

  1. sarahtiggy2 Post author

    Some useful comments already in from my peers – lose the apostrophe’s, signpost what the essay is going to discuss early on, stick to applying theory (lose some of the general information), don’t introduce a new point on the last paragraph (which I tried not to, but added it anyway as a aide memoir for draft 2).



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