Bloody Technology….

Today, I was told that Grooveshark is no more.  I’m not surprised its failed; there were serious issues with licencing, and it was only a matter of time before it was hit with some serious lawsuits in the USA, and that’s exactly what’s happened.  What makes me cross is that I’ve lost my playlists, and it’s taken me a while to curate those.  And you know what?  I paid.  I believe that downloading music for free is theft, and I was prepared to pay for it, and did so.  Furthermore, Grooveshark gave me access to the kind of music I liked – mostly stuff from the 70s and 80s, the kind of thing I bought on vinyl many years ago, and some of which I’ve replaced on CD since.  Grooveshark was a joy to use and I feel incredibly let down that, in spite of my stumping up real money, the business failed to run properly and now it’s gone.

What now?  Well, there’s a thing.  Spotify is expensive (£9.99 per month, or £4.99 per month for students, which I’ve opted for) but now I discover there’s no app for my Windows tablet.  That may not be an issue for most people, but a) my laptop doesn’t have bluetooth, and b) my Windows phone DOES have bluetooth but, because I live on a boat and rely on piggy-backing from my landlord’s router, the wifi signal is crap and keeps dropping off.  Why is bluetooth important?  Because I have a bluetooth speaker, that’s why.  So I’m stuffed.  I can’t use my phone because the wifi signal isn’t strong enough, I can’t use my tablet because there’s no app for that, and I can’t use my laptop because I can’t connect to the speaker.  Great.

I don’t think I’ve ever hated Windows so much in all my life, and yet the problem is bigger than that.

I pay for broadband at my permanent, land-based address, even though I’m not there most of the time.  I pay BT because BT is one of the very few providers in North Devon.  There’s no fast broadband there either.  Down here, where I live most of the time now, I can’t have broadband because I float.  I DO have 4G, which is faster than my broadband at home in Devon, but it would cost a fat fortune to buy the kind of data I need to consume, so I borrow the wifi from my landlords, which is ok but the signal is very poor, except when the tide is high.  I’m excluded from mobile data, which would be perfect for me (and anyone else who moves regularly, and I bet there’s a lot of people like that these days) because of the cost.  I’m excluded from certain services because not everyone chooses to create an app for the Windows tablet platform, and yet I chose Windows because it means I can synchronise everything.  As a result, I actually feel worse off than if I’d stuck with a mixture of Windows and Android.  And please don’t mention Apple to me.  The only advantage I can see with Apple is that at least I’d KNOW I’d have to replace perfectly good stuff because the company had made a commercial decision to force me to.

Things may, of course, change with Windows 10, but only if my phone and tablet will update to the new OS.

Oh, and the Facebook app on my phone is incredibly glitchy, as is the podcast app, which frequently causes the phone to restart.  And the iPlayer app is nothing more than a link to the website that will run the battery flat in no time if you use it.  And the tablet doesn’t allow anything to run in the background unless its plugged in, so when it goes to sleep, you lose whatever it is you were watching or listening to.  This is incredibly shoddy customer service.  My advice to you right now is NEVER buy a Windows tablet unless it’s running the ‘full’ Windows OS, and not Windows 8.1 RT.  Or a Windows phone.  Right now, I wish I’d stuck with Android.

Today has been one of those days that’s exposed the flaws in technology.  I’m really cross, as you can probably tell.


4 thoughts on “Bloody Technology….

  1. sarahtiggy2 Post author

    Just has a look and guess what? That’s only for your actual smartphone, and doesn’t apply if you use your phone to give access to other devices.



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