The Big Stuff

Two of the things that drove me from teaching are eloquently explored here and here, both by the excellent David Didau.  The REAL point is that things like marking, and lesson observations, are carried out with absolutely no thought for exactly what benefit they’re meant to provide to any interested party, how they should be carried out, or indeed of there’s any evidence whatsoever to justify any aspect of these (and other) practices in education.

If we mark to just satisfy parents, department heads, senior leadership and/or the Head, lets be up front about it and give teachers more time to do it.  Let’s accept its value is limited and be honest.  Every single job involves some box-ticking, that’s life.  Of course, the other side of that argument, and the one I prefer, is that we are professionals, and therefore we should never undermine our professionalism by doing something just because it’s what we’ve always done / it looks good / parents expect it or whatever.

Let’s do things because there’s real value in it, and because there’s evidence (at least, please, some evidence!) to support it.


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