Dissertation Part 2

Yesterday saw me in the library again, although I spent rather too much time on social media….. all in the interests of study you understand…. but I did manage some real work.  I found some useful research papers, and let my laptop spend over an hour collecting 100 tweets based around two keywords.  It took so long because I expanded the search to include the networks of the individuals, and hit twitter’s API rate limit of 15 requests at a time.

I’m still concerned about using keywords as well.  They’re good for analysing the data when I have it, but I need a snapshot of everything so that I can assess how frequent their use is.

Oh, and I also came across a bit of research that appears to look at exactly what I’m trying to do.  And it’s recent.  So today, I will be reading it thoroughly to see what the impact will be on my work.


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