Homo sapiens? You can keep ’em.

Millie gave it a withering look.  They thought they were so clever, these people.  They wired everything up, spent hours bent over their keyboards, and were apparently thrilled when Twitter told them that she’d moved from one room to another.  Her geo-spacial data was being shared worldwide, and was currently holding the attention of thousands of observers.  She was even generating advertising revenue on YouTube via the camera they’d thoughtfully attached to it.  They’d even ordered a gadget that would activate a robot and cause it to wave a rolled-up newspaper at her.  In fact, that was probably it being left downstairs right now.

My, my were they going to be in for a shock, she thought, as she dropped her collar, and managed to paw it out of the window where it plummeted straight on to the roof of the departing Fedex van.


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