Not Quite Woody’s Roundup

Yesterday, I learned officially that I’ve passed my MSc with a merit.  I knew I’d passed as my overall grade was above 50%, but still my dissertation hadn’t been marked and I’m not one to assume anything just in case it turns out to be wrong.  As someone with an Arts & Humanities background, qualifying in Science is a huge deal, and although some people may comment that Web Science isn’t a science at all, let me point you here .  I certainly feel as if I’ve done science!  It’s been bloody hard work, and I’ve been right at the very edge of my intellectual capability the whole time.

I’ve also learned a great deal, and for me this is what it was all about – the joy of learning and being able to dedicate all my time to it.   It’s why I became a teacher originally, and what’s driven everything I’ve ever done in my life, now I stop to think about it.   I can’t bear to repeat the same thing over and over again without picking up something new.

I’ve also lived on Bee Five for over a year now, which has been interesting.  This time last year, I remember getting stressed over things like remembering to keep the water topped up so as not to introduce air into the system, and not really knowing when the tank was actually full, and making sure everything that runs off the batteries was turned off so that the  batteries didn’t run flat…. all those things have been sorted out, and I now even have things like a proper bed, mobile internet, and even a vegetable patch in the garden outside.  At no point have I felt as if I’ve been slumming it.  I’ve been warm and comfortable, and able to do everything I would in a ‘normal’ house except have a bath or wash my clothes in a washing machine.  I think I can live without those two things!

Millie, the most amazing dog in the world, has taken everything in her stride.  She’s happy being left here alone on days when I have to go to Uni, she enjoys it when the ducks and swans come to call because that means she might get some crumbs of bread, and she loves going for walks in the park.  She’s been good company on the days and  evenings when I’ve been lonely, and given me something to take me out of myself, as well as a good excuse to tear myself away from my laptop and go outside for some fresh air and exercise!

All in all, it’s been a fabulous experience so far, and now it’s on to the PhD, more of which in the next post….. and a ‘well done!’ to me!



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