Emma’s Recipe Book: Mushroom and Aubergine Curry

So, as well as five people from our cohort on the trip to China, there was also the lovely, lovely Emma.  While I’m ok to try some food with meat or fish in it, Emma is definitely a vegetarian and had an even more restricted diet than I did.

Over the last year, I’ve been getting veggie recipe boxes from Riverford Organics, and have ended up with a massively expanded culinary repertoire and a good collection of recipes, so I thought I’d share one every week.  Just for Emma.  But you can have a go too….

First off, I totally forgot to take a picture of this last night.  I’ll make up for it when I do the next dish!  This recipe makes enough for two but you can easily scale it up.


For the dressing, you need an individual pot-sized amount of natural yogurt, and a lemon.   Grate about half of the zest from the lemon into the yogurt, add a squeeze of lemon juice, give it a stir and pop it back in the fridge.

Dice the onion and fry in a little oil.  Add a splash of water if it looks as if it might catch.  Meanwhile, crush and chop two cloves of garlic; dice the aubergine into (roughly) 2cm cubes; slice the mushrooms; and open the tins of tomatoes and chick peas.

Add the garlic and aubergine to the onions, plus the curry powder.  Stir and cook for a couple of minutes, then add the mushrooms.  Cook for a couple of minutes more, then add the tomatoes and chick peas.  Simmer for 10-15 minutes.  While this is happening, warm up the naan breads, chop the fresh coriander and sprinkle it over the curry when you’re ready to serve it.   Add a dollop of the yogurt – done!

I’ve also started making my own naan breads. as they’re so easy.  There’s recipe’s all over the internet, but I like this one because it doesn’t use yeast.  If you mix the dough before you deal with the yogurt, you can cook them under the grill when the curry is ready.


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