That Was The Week That Was…

It’s been a funny old week.  Lots of good stuff, and then some not-so-good-stuff to make up for it all.  More on that in a bit.

The week started with a few minutes live on BBC Radio Solent (this is the link, it starts from 01.23.00), talking about Twitter being ten years old.  I was an early joiner, and somehow managed to get linked up with an amazing and funny group of people.  Sometimes so many were added to the conversation, it was impossible to add more than a few short words.  Those were the days before hashtags, and long before Storify.  Arthur Biscuit and RickyBee were among my favourites!  Sadly, that original Twitter account was lost as I had to adopt a new one for various reasons, a vindictive ex-husband being the main one.   I absolutely loved doing the radio interview, and I think that came through.  Everyone seemed pleased, anyway.



On Tuesday, I drove home to Devon.  On Wednesday, I enlisted the help of a friend and together we cleared my garden of broken fence panels, emptied my old garden shed, and dismantled it.  This wasn’t easy as it was nailed together and even though it clearly wasn’t long for this world, it put up a fight.  In the end, it was chainsawed to death, and stacked up ready for removal.  Under the floor was a scrape, probably made by a young fox trying new locations out for size; and a nest made by a hedgehog.  Several families have been brought up under my shed – I could see when the entrance by the door was in regular use, and one summer when I was sitting in the garden one of the babies emerged and fell asleep in the shade.  Clearly home had got a bit warm!



On Thursday, my pre-booked man-with-a-van turned up to take it away.  After that, he helped level the ground and prepare it for a replacement shed.  This was still on the allotment I’d just given up, so we duly dismantled it and  brought it back.  It went back up a treat, and on Friday I painted it and refilled it with as much of my stuff as I could.WP_20160323_008


On Saturday, I took the final bags of rubbish and unwanted stuff to the tip.

While all this was happening, I discovered that my very first conference paper had been accepted as an extended abstract and poster, which is fab as I’d already booked to go to Hanover for the conference in any event.  I have some feedback from the reviewers, some of which is quite critical, but to be honest it’s that I wanted more than anything.  My supervisors have been really supportive, but comments from people who are also experts in their field and know nothing about you are also very welcome.

An old hedgehog nest.

An old hedgehog nest.

And while all this was happening, my lovely Godson Zak (11) has been in hospital – first of all at our local one here in North Devon where he had his appendix out, and then he was transferred to the children’s hospital in Bristol because he was so poorly.  It took several days to decide he was suffering from appendicitis, but by then he’d  lost a lot of weight (and he didn’t have much flesh on his bones to begin with, like so many lads his age), the organ itself was ‘manky’ and he’d developed an abscess.  After operating and cleaning things up, he was transferred to Bristol for specialist care.  He’s had to have his would re-stitched, and a PICC line inserted so that he can get some nutrition.  His digestive system has temporarily shut down, but his stomach is still producing bile which is also being drained, and isn’t this just awful for a child to go through?  My heart goes out to him and his mum.   He hasn’t made any fuss and endured everything that’s happened to him with a stoicism that’s well beyond his years.

Get well soon, Zak.  Very, very soon.





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